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I believe it is impossible to be successful at trading on your own. You need help, from books, videos. courses, friends whatever…..isolation can be depressing ! That said, there is no better education than getting stuck in, feeling your way and at the same time researching and studying your new world.In the early days I went the the school – I would recommend every beginner does this at the very least. Then pick up some books….some you will relate to and some not. You’ll have to read ’em first to discover that. Have a look at my book reviews to see a selection of books I have read. If you have some spare cash, maybe invest in a course; however your best use of that spare cash might be a small mini or micro account and use this to start trading your ideas.

Whatever you do, stay clear of taking tips and too much advice from the ‘000;s of forums and blogs/websites telling you of a super EA or autopilot that will make you millions. I mean come on……if there was oneĀ  why do the banks still pay humans to trade ? As with most thinsg in life; there is no shortcut to success.

Below I have given my personal opinion of the 3 organisations I have paid to help me with my Forex Journey.

1. Knowledge to Action (K2A)

2. PIP Hunter FX

3. Surfing The Pips

These are my honest appraisals based on my own personal experience.


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