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Hello, and welcome to my blog on trading the FX markets.

I am a UK based trader and have been trading for 4 years, including 1 year full-time. I trade momentum strategies on the major currency pairs – 3 x USD crosses and 3 x JPY crosses.

I look for entries on 30m to 4hr timeframes and trade just a few times per week.

Any questions, get in touch!

FX Intraday Trader Jimmy

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  1. Brendon Kerigan

    Hello Jimmy,
    My name Brendon Kerigan. I’m a flooring contractor from Orlando, Fl. I’ve been researching currency trading for some time and i’m relieved to have found your site, straight at you, honest, and easy to digest compared to what i’ve seen accross the net. Your advice of where to start was exactly what i was looking for. Just thought i’d introduce myself and thank you!

    Preschool here I come!! Brendon

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