Jan 24

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+50 pips The Start of the End for Intraday Trading

Great start to the week. Managed to keep my finger off the trigger to the exact right moment and it paid off handsomely. Went long on EURUSD at 14:40 with a price of 1.3609 at the break of the retracement candle and took it up to 1.3665. Very fast move which made it simple to manage ! So 4% up for the month this far and still the rest of the “lucrative” week left.

The good news is that I have been offered an amazing full-time job elsewhere in the UK, the bad news is it means I will leave my intraday trading behind me for now and concentrate on my strategy but on End of Day Candles.  But why work when you can trade ??

The fact is simple guys and girls : no matter what anyone tells you, making your sole living from trading your own money isn’t easy and will take you some time. Even though I could trade with my savings of £100k I’d be a fool to do that until I’ve got many more profitable months under my belt and not when I have kids and family to support.

So I’ll go back on the employee bandwagon, get regular dosh coming in that will allow me to relax with longer timeframes. For the next 2 weeks though I’m still on Intraday and will try and press home the advantage of last few days I have left :-)

Heading into 5 consecutive months of profits !!!


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