Jan 12

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It’s official : Trading tomorrow Rated 18

Not trading this week as I’ve had a lot of non-trading activities going on, unfortunately not golf related 😉

Didn’t miss much Monday and Tuesday as it turns out during my trading window, the US session has had much of the action today included. Was due to start trading tomorrow but judging by the news expected on Thursday it’s not looking like a sensible day to trade for us minnows – on days like tomorrow the big boys will be moving the markets to get into position to speculate on the news.Then take our little cluster of stops out for fun. Then after that big mouth Bernake is due to speak in the evening.

Remember – the price makes the news NOT the news makes the price !!

Just look at the sea of red tomorrow…….stay in bed, go to the gym, driving range…..but don’t trade. As usual the easiest money is made in the back 2 weeks of the month.

Crazy News day


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