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1st Post 2011 – Happy New Year to all Monkey’s and Gemini’s

Well it’s still year of the Tiger until Feb 3rd but what is in store for Money’s and Gemini’s come 2011 and the Year of the rabbit ? Merging Eastern and Western Horoscopes together can be done. For example a Geminian Monkey apparently has this characteristic :

These people are quick thinkers who can process and problem solve with ease. They have energy and lead an active lifestyle. They need someone to adore them in order to be happy.

I can’t really argue with that statement, but as if our lives can be ruled by pre-determinants; or can they ? Many religions, faiths, cultures around the world rely on tried and tested methods to rule ones lives which in itself is a prediction of the future. Think of the Hindu bride that is wedded, in some cases, without prior love or knowledge of their husband. Or the Muslim that is so carefree with lives risks because of the belief that the afterlife is so much better than the current. The 10 commandments, the strict rules imposed by the Vatican or even those by egalitarian and atheist parents…..rules rules rules. They are made because supposedly those that make them have experience that if stuck to, everything will be OK

So to trading, we are told the same thing time after time. Stick to the rules, at least until someone else comes along and says, NO stick to my rules. Eventually you get to the point where you make your own rules up and try and stick to them; again a little like life.

So what’s better, trading within the rules or without the rules ? Well like life we have degrees of significance. We know not walk on hot coals as we’ll burn our feet unless we have done some wacky mind over matter stuff. Believe me, no matter how hard you try you cannot force the market to never hurt you ! So within your rules you will have the “don’t walk on hot coals” rules.

Mine are simple things like :

  • not rushing into trades within 30mins of sitting down to trade in the morning
  • not trading a pair after they have done their daily ranges
  • not placing trades before NFP and one or two other major news items
  • not trading after 16:00 GMT
  • not tradingĀ  until I have a candle confirmation pattern
  • not trading against the trend (easier said than done depending what TF you look at!)

There you go, those are my rules/faiths/religious beliefs that keep me alive when trading each day. After that it’s up to the gods; that I do know.

But for those Monkey’s/Gemini’s here is our Rabbit year from the point of view of Wealth :

Money matters might look brighter than other areas of your life in 2011. Your sign’s element is Metal, which bodes well for you in a Metal year. There will be a lot of Triple Metal days to look forward to, which means the element of our year, month and day all align. Mark those on your calendar. While you might not see the tangible rewards yet, your efforts now will bear fruit later. Make sure you’re saving a percentage of each paycheck. You could meet with some unexpected expenses this year. Try not to spend on frivolous things. Create a working budget and do your best to stick to it. The influence of guru makes you very lucky as far as wealth is concerned. You will be financially very successful and have a lot of influence in the right places.

Today was a simple day as it was first day back in The Chair. Mind was a little slow to get Long onto the EURUSD early doors, but I went short on AUDUSD at 13:20 at 1.0080 only for the move to be shortlived and take me out for BreakEven, original target now hit at 1.0050 s’la vie!

A perfect day’s re-education with the markets at no cost….can’t be bad.

see you


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