Dec 12

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Low Octane Trading

Hello Hello and hello again,

Like I said in my last post I’ve been a little busy in apres-trading activities this week, so when the time has come to “work” I have been a little slow to get moving and feel the rhythm of the markets….sluggish I guess. Monday I was flying back from Provence after helping him in his 2nd home with some decoration, Tuesday I was in Warwick and Wednesday in Hamburg, so come Thursday my mind was all over the place. Not least am now thinking getting the right present for my lady wife in 2 weeks ……. panic !

Quite pleased with myself to get thru this week at Breakeven. Thee first 2 weeks of the month I have always found to be the toughest, it’s like the first half in a game of football, the objective is not to concede any stupid goals whilst maybe sneaking something on the break. I made 1 EURUSD trade on Thursday that went well for a little while then dropped back to take me out for 0.5% but after being able to manage the trade whilst open. On Friday morning took a nice short on EURUSD at 09:30 only to be stopped out 30mins later……could have thrown in ther towel at this point, but both trades met my criteria exactl and  the markets were choppy to say the least. To end the week I went short on the EURUSDD again at 13:30 and was rewarded with a 1.5% profitable trade to end the week and currently the month at BreakEven – just were I want to be at half time !

Both of Friday’s trade’s are below in glorious 2D picture…….does anyone really want video ???!!!

Ending the week on a high


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