Nov 30

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November Performance +40 PIPs and -0.98%

Today was a good day and these past two weeks I have managed to scrape together a nice 4% on what were simple, clear “easy” trades. This month was a tale of Jekyll and Hyde though.

1st Half

I made a psychotic trade at FOMC meeting time which reminded me how foolish it can be to trade certain news events, trading FOMC with the preceding hiatus was a real dumb move fuelled by the hysteria in the market. Bloomberg is going off again from my daily routine and back on with Classic FM 😉  Sorry it’s on my blog….I should find another channel. The rest of first half was a mix of  boredom trades as the London session failed to give me quality setups. Rather than stand aside every day I had small dabbles and got nibbled back, nothing major but those small losing trades add up. At the same time I was taking an interest in other strategies and guru’s which was distracting me from MY Plan and MY Strategy……it’s like the Death Eaters on Harry Potter once you allow your mind to wander from his chosen path and take a path walked by another.

2nd Half

Felt better in mind as I got back to doing MY stuff and the alternative ideas wilted like they all eventually do.  By beginning of last week things started to click and the trades become evident and I felt confident to take them and managed them sensibly.

My Stats for November

Trades : 26      Won :  6    Lost : 9    Breakeven :  11      Non-Losing Trades 65%     Net Pip’s +40%      Equity : -0.98%

My Pairs of the month were the AUDJPY and GBPJPY. Two nice breakout type trades on AUDJPY below have made my week :

Two Nice Trades on AUDJPY


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    hi Jimmy,
    I think the link to your RSS feed is not working… :(

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