Nov 26

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Has it really been 2 weeks – The Snow is Coming

I have had my head so deep into these charts for the past 2 weeks updating the blog has passed me by.  Add to that the coldness in my home office (heating off whilst kids at school – old habit) typing is  a chore and not easy :-)

It has been tough these last 2 weeks as I have found entries in the London session few and far between…..it means I have lost concentration and by the time New York switches on I am not mentally right to take trades when they do appear. So I have been in the markets with little without conviction whilst the market sucks up my odd BreakEven and Small losing trades.

I have added EURJPY, AUFJPY and GBPJPY to my 30min strategies whilst I have had time, so now 6 pairs to watch…..I really can’t watch more than that on 30mins. But I am far more proficient and quick getting my key prices and trends drawn in the morning I can have them all done before 8am GMT and potentual trades identfied.

I have been messing around developing my own EA’s for longer term swing trading also, soooo much time it seems.

Well this week at last I felt I had some action…..Tuesday was the best day for months and made up for all the small niggling BE’s and Small Losses….a massive 250pips on GBPJPY and GBPUSD – with a small stake I was able to let the price ride and ride it did so quickly on Tuesday night.  Today I nicked 50 pips short on AUDJPY for a full 1%.

December is looking busy…..I have been headhunted for a really good job. Thinking whether I shoud go for the job (it does sound like fun) and trade swing on Daily charts……double bubble then I guess.

Well have a good weekend and for those in the UK…..KEEP WARM !


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  1. david

    glad you are back and good luck with the possible new job?

  2. IntradayFX

    I’d prefer my trading job anyday; I can do both. That’s the beauty of what we do. ..c u soon.

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