Nov 09

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Turgid not Sexy Trading

Today and yesterday was not sexy….in fact rather dull. Preserving my capital as the “most learned” would have me believe, isn’t easy. I actually made 1 trade today long on Cable after the pair broke the Daily pivot, but after an hour I got the impression that the rally had ran out of steam. I took it off the table.

So session finishes, flat and even for the week, and back to my book Fooled by Randomness by Nassim Nicholas Taleb. All I can say is that although this book was recommended to me it didn’t start well…..this book starts with a Preface 6 pages (fair enough), then acknowledgements for the 2nd series of the book 5 pages, then the contents, then the chapter summaries (4 pages) then the at last the prologue 5 pages BEFORE you get to Chapter 1………..I can only imagine what his charts look like !!! Hahahaha

Hasta Leugo


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