Oct 13

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21 Intraday Trades Unbeaten but am I winning ?

These last 3 days have been really difficult to trade; for me anyway.

Monday : Holidays around the world so nothing doing

Tuesday and Wednesday : Moves in London session have been tricky as the Asian session had been quite active. So both days I have been playing reversal patterns after the Asian session intraday trend came to and end.

Both plays yesterday and today went the distance to my original target but I got taken out for breakeven after moving my stop into entry position. I like to get my risk off the table as soon as possible when price starts to move well in my direction, usually 10-15 pips; in both the cases with my last 2 trades I got pipped out by 2 pips.

So current scorecard since last loss now reads : Trades 21    Won 8      Breakeven 13.

I should be happy with the preseravtion of capital – I know.  I’m grinning thru gnashed teeth 😉

Take a look at my EURUSD Trade today that coulda shoulda woulda….pipped out on red circle

EURUSD Reversal

So IF I had held my stop……there’s the mind games. Stop it ! 😀

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