Oct 05

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12 Non-Losers on the run…..must be the porridge

I have started eating porridge in the mornings; maybe that’s the reason ?

Or maybe I am on a run of luck ?

Maybe as it’s started to rain and the wind is coming in from the North ?

No, I think it’s still down to the bigger picture perceptions I am taking of the market place and the eradication of other minor crosses from my field of vision.

Yesterday was a Breakeven day…..couldnt find a reason to trade until 13:35. I went long on EURUSD, got +20pips moved Stop to Entry and the price didn’t move after that and I got out for Zero Loss.

Today was different, price had dropped off really nicely and bounced on the Weekly Pivot. Then tested the Daily Pivot with a nice retrace. I took a long position at 1.3725 for 30pips and taking the price back into the established consolidation area between 1.3785 and 1.3715. Maybe today this area will be broken ? Either way I am out of the market now for the day, I deserve an afternoon off as we’ve had some long waits recently.

I will get a loss soon, for sure, but for now keep eating the porridge and don’t allow the fear of losing into my psyche.

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