Sep 22

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Pesky Divergence

Does having the MACD indicator on our charts really help us or does it just act as a distraction to what is really happening with the price. Today on EURUSD was a classic example of looking at the indicators and not the price. twice I had chances to go long and turned them down because of MACD divergence. Does someone have any idea on their trading plan whether MACD is statistically a help or a hindrance ?

Pesky Divergence

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  1. Ayumi

    Good trade!
    Trading on Divergence is helpful, especially when divergence happen at an important Support & resistance level :)
    choose which time frame you are looking at and your trading plan shall follow.
    I trade Divergence on a quick time frame –> 30 minutes to 1 hour and normally I only hold the position for few hours.


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