Sep 10

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K2A Live Trading Floor Alerts

I don’t know how I ended up getting these alerts, Ididn’t subscribe or anything but after keeping a casual eye on them over the months I have noticed several things :

1) Most of the trade alerts, and I mean over 80%,  DO NOT fit into Greg Seckers trading strategies that are taught on the course.

2) Most trade alerts, I receive DO NOT make profits

3) They seem almost random in the sense that when you see a setup and think to yourself “oh look there is a K2A Setup and it looks like it could have hit target”…….low and behold NO trade alert was given.

Maybe they are just sending me the bummers! 😀 So not to give me distraction to my trading plan, I have filtered these directly into trash!

So, if you read this coz you are thinking of subscribing…..I would say think again.

Jimmy G

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