Aug 26

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Welcome Back to the Real World

After the two mini breaks away, school holidays and a bike ride a few weeks ago, I am desperate now for some regularity to my daily pattern. Don’t you feel that without a consistent daily plan it is difficult to focus on the market and trade effectively ?

I have had a mixed bag of trades over the past 8 days since getting back from the holidays. The first 2 days stank…..expectingly. On my first trade after getting back I placed a long stop buy order to break a peak of some recent price movemnt and forgot to add on my spread; I mean how novice is that I ask you ! ?

After that it’s been a little of give and take with the market with neither of us coming out on top.  I have been sticking to my 2:1 objective with each trade, that is paying off though. Yesterdays movement long on USDCAD and Short on UK100 Index proved fruitful.

Today is pretty quiet…..I look forward to all the Finance Directors of teh worlds biggest companies getting back to work and placing some orders with the banks !

Jimmy G

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