Jul 28

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July Finished : 2.15% Down

Not a great day to end the month with – no trades. That was one heck of a slow day on the markets for me. One missed trade late on Long on GBPUSD, other than that not even one valid setup from 08:00 -> 14:00.

So my performance for the months is :

Number of Trades : 51 which is an average of 2.7 trades per day over the 19 trading days

Hours Worked : No. of  AM and PM sessions 12, No. of AM session only : 5

Number Winners : 23

Number Losers : 25

Break Even : 3

Average Winning : Losing ratio in Money terms 0.85:1

Average Trade Score 10.5 (10 is my minimum std)

My major lesson for this month is to get those winning trades up to a minimum of 2:1. If there is significant S & R in the way then let it go.  I have been recording the maximum distance the price rallied after I closed my profitable trades and most would have been OK to leave to 2:1. So that’s my target for August in between some vacation I have planned.

So off on my ride and back in the trading saddle on Monday August 2nd….hope to see some ladies like this on my ride…chance would be a fine thing ! (click on the pic to see the bums wiggle – cheeky but funny!)

Naked Ladies on Bikes !

Happy and Good Trading


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  1. ANON

    Love the pic :) Hahaha.

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