Jul 21

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Wednesday 21st July : A RollerCoaster -136pips and still breakeven !!

Today was just amazing……..exciting and fast moving….just what I like. But boy I made some good moves and some bad moves, so lots of training and learning in 1 day.

The day didn’t start well as one of my longer term trades came to nothing and left me down 130 odd pips -and 1% – OUCH! I got taken out by 5 pips, now as I speak its in profit…..typical. In that situation I would rather the price flew away in the opposite direction at least making my stop worthwhile.

Next trouble was the huge Sterling drop at 07:50, I wasn’t in a trade at that point but went long at 09:01 when a setup occured….got taken out on GBPUSD and GBPJPY…..now double trouble…..down 2.5% and it’s not 09:30. I had too options:

a) Clear up for the day and admit defeat

b) Get straight back in when the opportunity arises.

I took option B). It’s my job this trading game…you can’t just walk away when the chips are down. I felt positive and the market was moving….today was  a day to make money.

I then had 2 great trades short on EURUSD and EURJPY. The EURJPY netted me 2%…hurrah. The EURUSD trade went to BE after getting stopped out by 1 pips after I moved the stop down – grrrrr. Not be be defeated the trade on EURUSD was still on – I went short again and took the price down to 1.2810 – another 1%….amazing I’m now up for the day. Last 2 trades on GBPUSD left me breakeven….although the first one should have been a 2% itself, but again got taken out by 1pip on a reversal – had to get back in there to squeeze what was left out of the move south on cable.

So all in all what a day……managing my trade sizes and not being frightened to get back into a trade that has just stopped me out really helped me here – awesome!

No trade graphs to show today as its been busy and it’s my daughters 16th Birthday so out for a meal and watch Shrek 3 in 3D  – should be  agreat night.

Happy Trading


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  1. FFXD

    Well done my friend and I wish your daughter Happy Birthday. :)

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