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Monday 28th June 2010 – Sloooow Day

Today seemed a really slow day without much decisive movement in the EUR and GBP. There were setups to be had, on the EUR and I took 2 on EURJPY.

Trade 1 : EURJPY : Loss 20 PIPs

Short at 08:41 @ 110.35 risking 25pips and Targets at 110.10 and 109.85

Nice setup, but didn’t progress passed my entry point. I had a chance to tighten my stop loss by a few pips after the first re-trace so was able to save a few pips there. Overall a loss of 20pips. This trade is shown below

Trade 2 : EURJPY : Breakeven 0 PIPs

Short at 11:33 @ 110.30 risking 25pips and Targets at 110.10 and 109.90

Again nice setup. This time the price moved passed my entry by 12 pips maximum but stalled 3 times at this level and then the price moved into a little consolidation. I was able to move my SL to BE and took the trade off after it had been sitting there for over an hour. Breakeven trade 0 pips. I have left a short order in at 110.15 just below the small consolidation for this afternoon at  straight 1:1 risking 20pips (see below)

Trade 3 : EURJPY : Profit +25 PIPs

Short at 13:35 @ 110.15 risking 20pips and straight 1:1  1% Target at 109.90

Target hit after 1hr 10 mins….like I said a real slow day.

Overall the trades were executed well even though a the performance of them all was not as I would have liked.

-20 pips trade on slow-moving Monday Morning

Happy Trading


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