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Friday 25th June 2010 – Multiple Setups This Morning +30 pips

Some days go a long way to again re-affirm that your strategy is a good one.  Today was one of those days.  All 4 of my pairs gave excellent entry signals between 09:10 and 09:45 this morning BST.

I took a short entry on GBPUSD at 09:11 at a price of  1.4910 risking 30pips.  I set 2 targets; T1 at 1.4880 and T2 at 1.4850.

T1 was hit after 26 mins and I moved my Stop Loss to my entry position. At this point I had just 30% of my investment still on the table which was now risk free and 30 pips were already in the bag – perfect. Now the perils of your wife having a day off work……she wants me in the garden to see the mess the neighbour has made of our patio whilst painting his fence :-) As I was in a risk free trade I let it run whilst i pressure washed the patio and remembering that some time over the weekend I need to have ” a word” with the neighbour.

Came back to the desk at 1 hour later to see :

1) EURUSD and EURJPY had made some lovely moves and my signal was clearly evident.  Super – shame I had missed them both.

2) I sharp buyer bar of 23 pips was threatening my stop loss. Trade what you see…….a huge buyer bar gave me reason to take the last 30% off for a few pips profit. TRADE WHAT YOU SEE NOT WHAT YOU THINK. But the price then tumbled and extended passed by original T1 target….at time of writing at 1.4870 and looks like my T2 target will eventually be hit.  LEARN : On a risk free trade just let it run Jimmy and see what happens !

Here is my trade :

+30 pips on Cable

Here’s hoping England do it on Sunday vs Germany,  and after the USA’s magnificent last-minute winner vs Algeria I have a soft spot for them too.

Happy, Positive Trading


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  1. Shiro

    Great going jimmy

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