May 02

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PIP Hunter FX

Advanced PIP Hunter FX is run by 2 people (Paul Wallace and Sandy). Paul Wallace has his own coaching co. called Trading Beliefs where he mentors others traders.

I attended this course 2 weeks before the K2A bootcamp and can honestly say found the 1 day with these guys and 5 other traders (meals included!) far more useful in my traders journey. I picked up some good tips from 2 people who are trading their own strategies both in terms of trade execution, money management, day preparation and other useful learning sources. There handout was basic, but to the point some of the more useful slides were not in the book, but i managed to scribble most of what i needed into my notebook.

The course was £500 for the day, of which in the afternoon we really sat and watched for some trade set ups.  Live group trading really struggles to work, having done this twice now, I think 1:1 with  coach at 0600am in the morning for an hour would be more beneficial! But if you have never traded with others it’s good to try it out.

Paul and Sandy regularly post their trades onto their blog (good and bad) so the world can see what they are trading, when and how which is pretty honest and upfront which is more that can be said for the k2A crowd.

We finished the day at a pub down the road and had more informal chat about trading etc etc.

Basically a fun day, and worth doing if you have the cash!


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  1. Srikanth

    Hi Jimmy,

    I m new to forex trading, could you please suggest some good material/training to start learn about forex trading?

    Please help.

    Thanks & Regards,

  2. Jimmy_FX

    Go to babypips.com and do their whole course online. Its free and will get you started.

    Setup a demo account and work thru some ideas you have. See how you get on.

    Give yourself 3 months to do these 2 things.

    Don’t use any real money until you have made something on paper with a strategy you have used at least 50x.

    Good Luck

  3. Srikanth

    Hi Jimmy,


  4. Srikanth

    Hi Jimmy,

    Thank you very much for quick reply.

    I will do complete it and get back to you for any help.


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