Apr 28

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Wednesday 28th April – Trade -> Gym -> Golf

Objectives of the day are :

1) 1% on my trading

2) 700 Kcals at the gym with 4500m on the rower

3) <95 on the golf course this afternoon.

Part 1 has been achieved with which turned out to be quite an easy trade on GBPUSD as with hindsight it trickled down nicely all morning. I can’t say that I have got to the point where I am totally relaxed during the trades I take though. During the hour-long trade (which is long for me), each market breath forced me into having to make decisions where decisions didn’t need to be made. As long as I have my price trading below my fastest ema I can easily ignore the intra-move cycles. Then there is the rise up to my 2nd ema which then gives me a few nerves as I wait for the next cycle down to take out the previous low…..with GBPUSD this morning this was pretty much the case from 09:00 onwards.

I am also glad I sold all my equities 2 weeks ago judging by the stock market reaction yesterday and today. I love the way the media are blaming this on Greece……durrrrr so why was the DOW and NASDAQ down yesterday too ? “It’s the Price that makes the news not the news that makes the price”.  I guess these wags at the papers/tv have to show that they know why things are happening to justify their salaries.

Picture of the trade is below :

+34 pips on GBPUSD - the day the stock market followed suit !

+34 pips on GBPUSD - the day the stock market followed suit !

Right now off the gym and down to the driving range to practice!

I might even have to wear a hat and some shorts today – bring on the summer ! :-)


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