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End of Week 7 : Easter Break : +238 pips and 7.5%

Finished the week and trading session this morning on a high. Nothing really moving at 06:00, and had to wait until 08:10 for some of the pairs to  show their hands. I tried to make the most of the moves on JPY and CHF and made 4 trades today and closed a Daily Trade that I had opened on Monday.

All trading completed by just gone 10:00, so now its get ready for the long break as I will not be trading Good Friday as I expect the volumes to be pretty low. I’ll wait and see regarding Monday.

For the week I am up 7.5% and 238pips. The equity improvement is the real measure of performance. The amount of pips is quite an irrelevance. It’s a bit like goals scored over a season in football….it’s a bit irrelevant if you lost games.

So trades today :

1) Long GBPJPY – out for Breakeven

2) Long CHFJPY – out for Target +16 pips  and +1%

3) Short EURCHF – out for Target +21pips and +1%

4) Long GBPCHF – out at Stop Lossd -34pips and -1%

5) Short USDCAD (Daily) – out manually to close the week – +76 pips and 0.75%

For a change, this week, I’ll post my losing trade on GBPCHF. The entry met my conditions so in I went. The market done it’s thing and took out my stop loss. My strategy this week yielded a 76% success rate, so some are going to fail – no problem.

GBPCHF_010410_ -1% -34pips

GBPCHF_010410_ -1% -34pips

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