Mar 29

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Week 7: Monday 29th March

With the EUR looking to bounce back, for a little while at least certainly against the JPY these should have been the trades for me today. However, I took 2 positions on the CHF seeing some strength and retracing to huge gaps that occurred on the market open on Sunday night.

Both trades I traded on a longer timeframe of 15min, but would have been fine on either my 5m or 1m strategies. They stayed profitable pretty much from the get go which is always a good sign. I find that if my trade doesn’t get into profit within a few candles of entry then I have usually made the wrong call.

I am feeling quite positive at the moment as I am currently 65% successful on my last 15 trades; for me this is a time to be extra careful and ensure that I stay disciplined to prepare properly and as the Turtle Traders quote ” Plan Your Trade and Trade Your Plan”.

To my trades; both went to target for a total of 2.3% which I am very pleased about. I have now done my admin and ready to close down my PC and it’s just 10:30am – this is as perfect as a day can get. This leaves time for the gym and some personal development later on.  I need to bottle this feeling and the  to replicate this every day.



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