Mar 26

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Week 6 : Friday 26th March

Finished the week with another positive day, made with a short trade on GBPCHF using my simple 1m Breakout play targeting 1% gain (40pips). This was added to by a similar trade on GBPJPY which netted 10 pips. A too speculative counter trend trade (which will be my last) on USDJPY which took a 1.5% equity increase to just 0.5% for the day. I’ll settle for that.

Was quite disappointed that as i was setting up the trade on GBPUSD the move occurred and I missed out on the trade which was a real shame as this would have been the most lucrative of the 3 short GBP pairs this morning.

I haveĀ  added some tools to my daily preparation that are helping me filter for higher probability trading pairs early in the morning that has paid dividends these last 2 trading days, so will now look to improve further going into next week.

Anyway, trade of the day, the 40pip move on GBPCHF :

1m 40pip_GBPCHF_260310

1m 40pip_GBPCHF_260310

Have a good weekend


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