Mar 17

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Tuesday 16th March

No trading today as had some coaching in London; which if I was to be honest was not quite as useful as I had hoped it would be. Picked up a little  fine tuning advice but this was me squeezing for ideas and direction. This coaching was part of a training package I had with this co. it was bundled in with the 2 day training course, not sure yet whether I’d take out anymore – it’s a bit difficult to get too far in 1 hour. We’ll see how this goes and I’ll try to get as much out of the sessions as possible.

So yesterday with my nice GFT iPhone app I was able to watch the Cable and Euro have some nice breakouts to the short side early doors with then the real trend to the long side taking hold at 09:30. I can track the markets pretty much anywhere, not like I’d trade from my phone but the charting tools are pretty good and allow you to flick thru charts of  your instrument of choice; keeps you”in the loop” when you can’t trade. Means that I am arriving at my desk the next day with an idea as to what has happened the previous day.


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