Mar 11

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The Beginning

It has taken me a little while to get myself organised enough to get this blog up and running. Yet another item on my “to do” list since leaving full-time employment. Well I will use this first post to give a summary of my first 5 weeks of trading full-time.

At the beginning of February 2010 I attended a 2 day Forex Trading course in London and from 8th February I started getting up early and walking to my new office across the landing….much quicker than my last commute. I had been “messing” around with paper intraday trading since July 2009 in my spare time and I realised that getting some education face to face with people who do this for a living was important. Not to teach me what a candle was, or a 50 period Moving Average, but to give me confidence, direction and a network.

I did though learn a few things whilst “messing” around for 6 months and went thru 2 x £30,000 demo accounts:

  1. I wasn’t going to make any money whilst I had a carefree attitude to what I was trying to accomplish
  2. I needed to do this full-time in order to reach my goals, both personal and financial
  3. I needed some help to create the right mindset (I hate that word) and environment to trade profitably
  4. I found a Broker I liked (GFT) that gave good service
  5. I found a charting package I liked and could navigate quickly and easily (DealBook 360 with GFT)
  6. I discovered that trading forex with spreadbets was the way to go
  7. There are thousands of websites and products that can apparently make you rich quick in the forex market – enough said.
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